Donating to a Worthy Cause in the Video Game Community?

Our team at Second Potion is dedicated to growing alongside the Australian video games and pop culture community from Brisbane to Perth this year (and every year). To this end, in 2019 we are donating a portion of our profits back into the community we are so passionate about. You can see our supportees for 2019 below, if you have a suggestion for charities we should consider for 2020 please send us an email to we would love to hear from you! And if you have as little at $1 a month, why not join and support one of these amazing organisations on Patreon!

Jokes aside, life is hard and sometimes it is simply going to suck - at times like these what is most important is that we support each other and help others to find in games what we do.. joy, happiness, camaraderie and togetherness, regardless of the ideas or genetics that may seem to separate us.

If you are looking for a video game to raise your mood Prescription Pixel has a great online resource here for you and if you need a helping hand from fellow gamers, definitely check out Checkpoint below.

Click on the image below to see how the Video Game History Foundation is working to preserve and make public heaps of video game content and memorabilia that would otherwise be lost.

video game history foundation

A little bit about them:

Video game preservation matters because video games matter. Games are deeply ingrained in our culture, and they’re here to stay. They generated an unprecedented $91 billion dollars in revenue in 2016. They’re being collected by the Smithsonian, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Library of Congress in the US. They’ve inspired dozens of feature films and even more books. They’re used as a medium of personal expression, as the means for raising money for charity, as educational tools, and in therapy.

And yet, despite all this, video game history is disappearing. The majority of games that have been created throughout history are no longer easily accessible to study and play. And even when we can play games, that playable code is only a part of the story.

In order to know how and why games were made, how they were advertised and sold, and even how they were seen by players of their time, historians and researchers rely on ephemeral materials - artwork, interviews, reviews, packaging, advertising, internal documentation, and more - to tell a complete story. And without an organized effort to collect, document, and preserve these materials, there is a very real danger of losing them forever.

You can donate now by visiting them here
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check point mental health charity

A little bit about them:

CheckPoint provides resources to improve the well being of those who play games:

GamerMates: A pro-mental health gaming community.
The CheckPoint Series: A webseries tackling mental health issues with video games.
Mental Health Resources: Our site is full of tailor-made articles, courses and downloads to educate and teach self-care.
CheckPoint supports the use of video games for positive wellbeing and boosting resilience:

CheckPoint’s Check List: Guidelines for tackling mental health issues in games.
Clinical Research: Real medical research about the benefits of games.
AND video game development coming soon
Because CheckPoint is run by both mental health and games industry professionals, our reach spans across both industries and ensures the information we provide is accurate, relevant and implementable.

We are passionate that what we do will change the face of mental healthcare and video game culture forever.

You can donate and support them now by clicking here
Support them on Patreon Here

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