Why Second Potion Retro Games and Consoles?

We take all of the stress out of searching for and acquiring that amazing retro game, console or pop culture item you have had your eye on as well as provide you with the tools and accessories for maintaining and keeping your gear in good working order for as long as possible.

With the abundance of listings, various prices and quality on eBay, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace, buying a retro game or console can be a gamble as the "Best looking" or "Cheapest" version of the classic hardware you are looking for may not be what it seems. Be safe out there kids!

We at Second Potion are gamers at heart, so we strive to provide the best service as well all of your favourite retro games, classic consoles and pop culture contraband this is why all our refurbished retro stock is cleaned to the best condition it can be and any defects or issues are clearly stated in the listing and description, so you know exactly what you are buying.

Professional Cleaning of Retro and Classic Games, Consoles and More

Clean your Retro Games and ConsolesThere are many benefits of buying a professionally cleaned console from the team at Second Potion.

1. Our cleaning process guarantees that all classic hardware is clean and free of germs, dirt and common grime that can accumulate in retro items from the decades of love or lack there of that they have received from their previous owners.

2. We address many common issues that can come up when buying your refurbished retro games and consoles (especially common ones that can cause classic hardware to suddenly stop working, reset, blink and occasionally die). For instance, retro games and consoles in storage are often attractive for small visitors - tiny lizards, silverfish, cockroaches and their eggs can cause short-circuits and irreparable damage over the course of time.

3. Our team focuses on the details, cleaning retro consoles and games inside and out. This includes visually inspecting main boards, leads and components for signs of wear, fixing and maintaining where possible or replacing components that may cause issues for your retro and classic hardware in the long term.

No Misleading Fakes, Reproductions or Counterfeit Games

With the popularity of overseas websites growing, there has been an influx of infringing and counterfeit retro games and hardware labelled as their original counterparts entering the Australian market. Our team inspects all retro games and consoles we acquire to ensure they are truly original so you can trust that you are getting what you pay for!
For more information of Spotting fake, counterfeit and misleading games, keep your eyes out! We have a guide coming soon.

Peace of mind on your retro and classic game purchases

When you purchase your retro games, consoles or pop culture contraband from Second Potion, you can trust that the item you receive is as described, that you are getting genuine products and that all retro and classic games, consoles and accessories have been through our extensive cleaning and testing process.

Never be left behind, our team at Second Potion also offers limited after purchase support to all customers, if any issues arise with your retro games, consoles or pop culture contraband, we can help and provide advice so that you have the best experience possible.
For more information on setting up your retro console, keep your eyes out! We have a guide coming soon.

Where do we ship our orders from?

We send out all orders usually within 1 business day from our home base in Ipswich, just outside of Brisbane Australia. If you have any questions about shipping time or options please email us at drink@secondpotion.com and we will be in touch with you asap.

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From all the team at Second Potion.